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Regional Meeting for Latin America and the Caribbean (3- 4 December 2015)


Regional Meeting for Latin America and the Caribbean (3- 4 December 2015)

Organized by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights
Date and venue: The meeting will be held in Brasilia, from 3 to 4 December 2015
Background and purpouse of the meeting: The International Decade for People of African Descent adopted by the General Assembly (2015 – 2024) is an opportunity to analyze and improve the human rights situation and well-being of one of the population groups most affected by racism and discrimination. By combating racial discrimination, the Decade will also strengthen democracy, the rule of law and equality in societies. In 2014, by its resolution 69/16, the General Assembly adopted a Programme of Activities, identifying the objectives and outlining specific actions to be taken within the three themes of the International Decade: recognition, justice and development.
As part of the awareness raising campaign for the International Decade, the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights will organize five regional meetings. Such meetings will focus on trends, priorities and obstacles at the national and regional levels to effectively implement the Programme of Activities. The meetings will be also an occasion to exchange good practices.

The first meeting will be for the Latin American and Caribbean region. The discussion will be structured under the themes of the Decade: recognition, justice and development. The meeting will provide an opportunity to reflect on ways and means that governments from the region in partnership with equality bodies, national human rights institutions, civil society, development agencies and regional organizations, may pursue to integrate the provisions of the Programmes of Activities in their policies, programmes and strategies tailored for people of African descent.

Participants: The meeting would bring together Member States, United Nations specialized agencies and bodies, regional organizations, national human rights institutions, equality bodies and civil society representatives, particularly people of African descent from the region. Other Member States of the United Nations would be invited to attend as observers. Experts on the topics will be also invited to participate in the meeting.

Documentation and Working languages: The final report of the meeting will be issued as a United Nations document in all official languages.




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